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Arthur H Price Septic  Maintenance Services

Arthur Price is your expert problem solver for the septic & sewer industry. Providing the know-how and technology to solve any septic or sewer emergency - no matter how large or small. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the newest technology and the best service at the most reasonable prices

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Call us today for septic maintenance tips, information, pricing and scheduling, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7AM and 5PM, or 24 Hours for emergencies at 727-845-0632 or view our Contact Us page for additional options.

When homes are not on septic they are connected to the sewer system. The waste gravity feeds down the lines into lift stations (large concrete holes in the ground); the sewage is then pumped up down stream to more sewer lines that gravity feed to another lift station. The final stop of the sewage is a waste water treatment plant. These lift stations have pumps in them with control panels on top of the lift stations. Arthur H. Price Jr. Septic Service offers monthly, quarterly, and annual lift station maintenance contracts to maintain the pumps and control panels. In addition over time the lift stations become clogged with grease buildup. The grease and grim has to be cleaned out with a jetting system and Arthur H. Price Jr. Septic Service has all the necessary equipment.

Lift Stations Maintenance

Most commercial food restaurants have grease interceptors and grease traps. The health department requires grease traps to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis (monthly and quarterly). Arthur H. Price Jr. Septic Service specializes in all aspects of cleaning, installing and maintaining of grease traps.


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Grease Traps Maintenance / Cleaning

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