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Drain Field Repairs

If your septic system is working properly, you may never even know you have a drain field. Most homeowners don't know where their drain field is located, unless a septic service problem arises. Have you noticed standing water in your yard near the drain field? If you live in Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, or the Pinellas county areas and believe you have a drain field problem, call Arthur H Price Septic for prompt and reliable drain field repairs.


There are many reasons you could be experiencing a drain field issue, but unless you are a septic professional, it is very difficult to diagnose the root of the problem. Ordinary household products like cleaners, detergents, soaps and water softener can be extremely harmful to your septic system. Using products such as these can cause the clay in your soil to chemically bond. When clay bonding occurs, your field will flood. This is just one problem that can arise with your drain field.

Arthur H Price Septic Inspection Services

Drain Field Installation

Having a properly installed drain field is crucial for your septic system to function effectively. For expert drain field installation, call the septic specialists at Arthur H Price. We understand every working part of your septic system from the importance of the location of your septic tank to checking the levels of healthy biomat. We are a full service, fully licensed Septic company and we specialize in septic and sewer services, as well as drain field installation.

Arthur Price is your expert problem solver for the septic & sewer industry. Providing the know-how and technology to solve any septic or sewer emergency - no matter how large or small. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the newest technology and the best service at the most reasonable prices